Rabu, 17 Juni 2015


I'm 30 years old right now on june 17 2015, I ever imagine how its like being a mature women when my age going to 30. But I feel very happy for all that happen come to my life, every level and many blessing from Allah SWT as given to me.

Many spiritual experience that I can't explained and spoken how is felt like.  I just hope that Allah SWT and our prophet Muhhammad SAW always and always sent us that blessed, grace, and safaat until the end of this world. Being a mature woman and also single isn't easy to through this years may be.., family specially my mother always give support and..i think deep inside my mother heart she wanted me to have merried as soon as possible :) . But until right know no man comes to me and be a winner for my heart, I had meet one man two month ago he is a nice guy but any reason that can't accepted him to make relationship with me. I always pray to Allah SWT that one day comes I found and meet my soulmate, built a family together till death, have a cute and Soleh-Soleha childs, and you know I had prepared names for my future son and daughter.

My name is Fitri Rahmadani Ritonga I was wondering why my parents gave me names from two religious moslem days, Alhamdulillah its answered today is the day before RAMADHAN I am very graceful because my birthday is welcome ramadhan like my name RAMADHANI he..he... :)
I wish Allah SWT gift and hears all my prayers specially for my careers at PT.AR AMINNNNN.

Thanks for all my family, friends who had member my milad days.

Kind Regards,
Fitri Borito

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